Progressives are fighting a monumental battle against white supremacy, and their weapons of choice are Tumblr, Facebook status updates and college campus protests. Yet some people continue to report feeling alienated by the simple progressive message that white men actively promote racism, rape, violence and toxic masculinity. Why? Because they’re racist.

Racism is far more than just prejudice directed against someone due to their race. That’s the white man’s definition of racism – and white men hate the truth. No, true racism is not supporting racial quotas in the workplace. Racism is watching movies with two white main characters. Racism is using the word “reverse racism.” Racism is not discussing women of color over Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Racism, in short, is far more than just racism.


White men, who represent 52.1% of all serial killers, are known to defend their ideology by focusing on less pressing political issues such as the economy and health insurance reform. This type of white diversion is inherently racist and furthers the systemic oppression experienced by people of color.

“It’s amazing how many racists show their true colors when I suggest a school wide ban on books written by white men,” said Gender Studies major Alicia Guinn. “It’s pretty funny when a white man tries to accuse me, a woman of color who is half Korean, of racism. Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one raping hispanic women.”

With Donald Trump as the President of the United States, it is more important than ever that progressives work together to fight white supremacy. Whites who disagree with progressives, however, are becoming emboldened by the racist, sexist, transphobic and ableist language spouted by the current administration.

“White men constantly disagree with me,” said Guinn. “I don’t think they’re smart enough to understand how offended I am.”