Students and teachers were sent home from Glennwood High School yesterday morning after an outbreak of toxic masculinity was confirmed by area feminists.

“The school is no longer safe for female students,” said Sonja Cordova, a local feminist who read about the controversy on Tumblr. “These young women deserve a safe space to learn away from the threat of patriarchy and male privilege.”

The dangerous outbreak, which school officials believe originated in the boys’ locker room, was reportedly contained within a few hours.

Toxic masculinity, or the display of antisocial personality traits by men and boys, has become a growing problem in schools and work environments across the country. According to Ms. Cordova, toxic masculinity manifests in a variety of different ways.

“Sometimes it’s just maniacal laughter coming from the boys locker room, and other times it’s more overt behavior like mansplaining or having sexual fantasies about female classmates,” she explained. “These sorts of behaviors are acts of violence that marginalize women, particularly women of color.”

In her recommendation letter to Glennwood High School, Ms. Cordova suggested that the boys’ bathroom be renamed in honor of the late Mary Wollstonecraft. “If anything will stop these boys from hating women, it’s a simple history lesson.”