The compassionate activists at EverydayFeminism, who have been battling male flatulence and racist hairstyles since 2012, have turned charitable in recent weeks. In their quest to combat racism and group generalizations, they are now offering an online course called “Healing From Toxic Whiteness” to address the toxicity inherent to the white race.

Healing From Toxic Whiteness

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This online training course is so valuable and necessary in the war against patriarchy, it is now available for ONLY $97. “Healing from Toxic Whiteness” is also available as a gift – because nothing says “I love you” better than a gentle reminder that your very existence as a white person is supportive of white supremacy and the murder of women of color.

The program contains 10 “modules” made available to toxic whites via e-mail. Rooted in the principles of Zen Buddhism, “Healing From Toxic Whiteness” strives to teach whites how to:

  • Get back all the time and energy you normally spend on feeling confused, anxious, and angry with yourself and others around racism and direct them towards taking action instead
  • Get alternatives to silencing yourself or coddling other people who are being harmful

The writers of the training program refuse to allow patriarchical principles like proper syntax and grammar impede their message. Many well-intentioned whites are unaware that racism is the driving force behind every negative interaction and every uncomfortable feeling they experience. The witch hunt to identify instances of unconscious racism is an effective way of supporting minority communities.


Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions about the program included in the advertising brochure.

Why is this anti-racism program centered on white people and their feelings? It’s not appropriate for white people to center their emotional struggles with racism in cross-racial spaces with people of color present. This shifts the focus away from the impact on people of color and re-centers the feelings of white people in a way that often minimizes and erases the pain and trauma experiened by people of color.

In short, when white people discuss their emotional struggles in the presence of people of color, they are committing an act of violence. Sandra Kim, EverydayFeminism founder and “lead trainer,” understands that people learn best when the they are segregated by race. After all, diversity in the classroom is supportive of patriarchy.

Are you saying that white people are inherently toxic? What do you mean by “toxic whiteness”? Similar to toxic masculinity, toxic whiteness is something that was created by white supremacy and done to white people. Toxic whiteness is not inherent to white people. However, white people are unconsciously conditioned to perpetuate and be complicit with white supremacy while not even realizing it. And while white people materially and socially benefit from racism, they are also emotionally harmed by it – which is rarely discussed and therefore makes it harder for white people to realize how they’re being manipulated by systemic racism. That’s why it’s important for white people to free themselves from this toxic whiteness in order to begin developing an anti-racist white identity.

White people are not inherently racist. But all white people are racist, whether they realize it or not.

Kim defended the program to The Independent, claiming that whiteness is a social construct and that “white people are not inherently ‘white’, they are people of European descent.” Yet the program tag line specifically advertises it to “white people” because, well, it’s hard for Sandra Kim to be consistent when she’s so busy financially benefitting from click-bait articles written under the guise of “activism.”

toxic1Using their platform to address issues like poverty, access to education and crime would do little to improve the lives of the disenfranchised. By focusing on toxic whiteness and white ignorance, EverydayFeminism is improving society one aborted subconscious microagression at a time.

When everything is viewed through the prism of race and white ignorance, the world becomes a more tolerant place. Nothing elevates people of color more effectively than expensive online courses designed to teach whites to be hyper-vigilant of their own white selfishness.